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Main Directory, Folgezettel, Tags, Length of one Zettel – noob questions

edited August 2020 in Zettelkasten

Hello together,

I'm new to Zettelkasten and Zettlr, so please forgive me if my questions are stupid. I used Evernote for a long time and tried to create some kind of knowledge-manager before I even knew about Zettelkasten. Now I'm just writing my Notes in Markdown with Typora.

But back to Zettlr. I read a lot about Zettelkasten in the last weeks, but I can't wrap my head around the structure. So maybe some inspiration is gonna help.

  • How are you organizing your main directory? Do you have categories? I mean this is kind of folder-system, right? Or do you put all of your notes in it, without folders?
  • I read a lot about "Folgezettel" and it makes sense to me, for example for some chapters of the same book. Is it possible with Zettlr? Or so you create a main-note for the book and then link sub-notes?
  • How much do you put on your Zettel anyway? Let's take the same example, I'm reading a book on a specific topic. Do you have one Zettel for the whole book? Zetteln for each chapter? Or even Zetteln for each note you took while reading?
  • I also read that I should specifically search for notes to link my new note. Of course, if a have this thought while reading, then I'm looking for a specific note. But if not? Are you looking through a tag?
  • And is it possible to "combine" two notes for a "conclusion", how do I do that? For example, while researching I find a journal article, which says "A" and another one, which says "non-A". Do you link this note to the other one with a short summary?
  • How do you think of the** "right" tags** for your notes? Is there a kind of generation for this? Or hierarchies?
  • Are there some custom themes for Zettlr out there? I'm blind, found it now.

I'm sorry if these questions are stupid and thank you for every answer. :blush:

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