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Why use a RegEx ID for linking between notes?


I use the Zettelkasten features on Zettlr to create links between different notes (I haven't created a real Zettelkasten system though)). At first, I would create an automatic ID for each note and use those to link between files. However, for one file I forgot to do it and realized you can link with just the name of the file, if that file does not have an ID set up.

This seems a lot more appealing to me, as I can have "See [[Crawford 1973]], p. 73]]" in my notes instead of something like "See [[202009011304]], p. 73". Is there any reason why I should not use this system? What are the advantages of using RegEx IDs over regular titles ? I should add that as I use Zotero to create my bibliographical references, there is no risk of two different files ending up with the same name.

Cheers !


  • File names and titles change, auto-generated IDs don't. And that's why I prefer IDs over files names/titles.

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