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French Translation


I want to help in the french translation of the documentation because it is not up to date since the last version.
How to be sure that someone is not working on the same page ? Do you create an issue ? Or I just write here the pages I am working on ?
In summary, what is the best way to collaborate ^^ ?


(PS : be careful if you have a gmail account, the confirmation email will be in the spam folder)


  • I think this is a good question. I had a similar question in mind when looking through the documentation as general quality check. I'm not sure about the general availability of this feature, but I think Github Discussions could be a good fit for this. If Discussions were enabled for the documentation repository, people interested in helping would communicate easily on anything specific to documentation.

  • Indeed, that sounds attractive, it could be the right place for those discussions.

  • @hendrik what do you think about this?

  • Well, opening an issue would fit just well, because out of several reasons:

    1. There are not that many issues on the docs repository, so it won't clutter
    2. It's the first place everyone will start to look, as discussions is a fairly new feature, so it won't be the first choice for people looking for collabs
    3. We can have threads with multiple comments, where, e.g., one person writes "I'll be taking care of section XY" and another writes "I'll do the screenshots" — and everyone can still coordinate so that work gets distributed evenly.
    4. It doesn't introduce friction for me, I am very happy with the current situation as I can simply merge incoming PRs and don't have to spend too much time on that repository, hence I can focus on the app itself.
    5. Organize yourselves, you know much better than I do how to distribute the work ;)

    So, feel free to just open up issues over there and then open the corresponding PRs on the repo, which I can then simply merge!

  • Ok, thank you for your answer, let's open an issue :smile:

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