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How can I insert a table in my article?

I want to enter a table and refer to it in my article. But as I checked the app, I only can insert table via importing image of it.

Is there a way to enter the table, itself.



  • If you refer to Excel tables or HTML tables, you should be able to paste them directly, and Zettlr should convert the HTML/RTF-Part of the table to Markdown.

  • I have the same kind of problem: is there any options to inserte a table right from the MS Word document?

  • I only can insert table via importing image of it.

    Just noticed this part: This is in fact true, because Microsoft Office products also insert an image of what you just copied into the clipboard, and I have not found any way to prevent this from happening, hence it's impossible to copy and paste something from word/excel/whatever without "pasting as plain".

  • It is also a way of solving! Thank you!

    I also find another way: you can transform the table into text with sign (|), add this sign (|) at the beginning and at the end of all lines and than insert this text-table into Zettlr.

    But for my research it is quiete difficult.

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