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Zettlr as a lightweight CRM

edited September 16 in General

I have recently (Three months now) installed Zettlr to gather all my notes in one single place with Markdown/text file support. I'm quite happy with this piece of software (thanks to the dev) and use it for several purposes:

  • notes taking app
  • saving interesting extract from a web page
  • writing post for my blog (managed by Zola, a static website generator)
  • sharing blog posts to my collected notes account
  • todos,
  • ...

Recently, I've started using Zettlr as a lightweight CRM for my business dev activities. Using a tailor made directory tree, moving files around and using some template, I must say I'm quite happy with this. I store contacts, companies and opportunities all in one place and linking pages together. I must it is quite performant. The only thing I miss is a dashboard automatically showing me the figures but I know Zettlr is not written as a CRM, so I accept the shortcomings.

I was wondering two things:
1. Is there anyone else using Zettlr as a CRM or a contact list or whatever feature related to a CRM? I would be delighted to see how you manage it.
2. Would someone be interested by how I do it ? I'm thinking of writing a new blog post explaining my work flow, the template used, ...

Looking forward to read your reactions!

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