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Footnotes in a generic file

Hello there,
first of all, thank you for your software. I have been looking for some features you propose for a while before discovering your work. And in the same time, I have discovered Zettlekasten which can be of some use for future projects (I must confess, I have especially enjoyed the Manifesto video with Bella Ciao as music).

I am a French fiction writer, have been used to work with markdown files for a while. I have a good bunch of them (if you are curious about their length/size, I put everything on my repository, as it is Free Culture), used to produce pdf and epub mainly (novels and short stories). For this, I am using pandoc a lot, through python scripts, to generate intermediate files as I often concatenate several files to create a book.

So here is my question : is there a way for me to have the footnote display integrated with Zettlr with an external file as input for footnotes ? As I try to keep consistency in my footnotes from one volume to another, almost all of them are in a separate .md file, pipelined to a new .md before exporting when I create my final files. They are in 'notes/notes.md' in my repo, and other texts can be in 'qita/' or 'romans_ernaut/ernaut_01' folders.

All the best.

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