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New Feature? Implementing a "desk-mode" in Zettlr to merge Zettelkasten-notes

Like in other threads mentioned using the Zettelkasten-method is making one note for one thougt and merging the to a "string of thoughts". So you need a way to put your notes in a structured manner together.

In the classic Zettelkasten-method you can imagine this process by dumping your box of notes (your Zettelkasten) on your desk, picking the notes you want and (re-) align them, so you get an arranged structure of your thoughts from which you can make an article, book-chapter or something else.

Maybe this could be solved by implementing a desk-mode which allows you to drag'n'drop the content of a note from the sidebar into a new note instead making a link. The result of this process will be an other .md - file which you can now easily complete to an readable text to export in in LaTex for example.

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