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Space as a translation string in thousand delimiter

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First of all, thanks for a great app! I use Zettlr now daily to make most of my notes, both work related and personal, and I'm really enjoying it!

I ran into a problem with the Finnish translation, with the "localise.thousand_delimiter" translation. The current value is '& n b s p ;' (without spaces in between, since here it seems to produce a space) which obviously is not producing the desired space as output. See the the monthly word count in the attached image for example.

Could anyone advise what the translation string should be to get a space as a thousand delimiter?


  • This value (and the floating point separator) need to be the actual character, not its HTML representation (e.g. a non-breaking space, you can copy it from the Wikipedia page). In general, most translation strings are escaped due to security reasons. This needs to be fixed on Zettlr Translate

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