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Feature request: emoji icons / personalized icons

Dear Zettlr developers, I am totally in love with the possibility to add icons to the filetree in order to simplify navigation, would it be possible to 1) use emojis and/or 2) use personalized icons?

Thank you! B)



  • Technically, yes. But this is super low priority right now because there's a lot more going on behind the scenes.

    If you'd like to add icons to the dialog, there are two possibilities right now that we can do asap:

    1. Go to and choose a number of icons (we'll be adding one ROW at a time, so not a single icon, but I think choosing more won't be a problem), open a GitHub issue asking for implementation and we can do it within hours (depending if I'm sitting in front of my computer :D)
    2. If you want a custom icon, search for a good (!) and copyright-free (!!!!) SVG-icon somewhere on the internet, prove that we can use it without legal repercussions (best option: create one yourself) and open a PR adding the icon to the clarity-icons special folder, and we can do it fast as well (the no-single-icon rule applies as well, but we can pad with clarity icons)
  • Here is a project to open-source the emojis:

    Still free, even if corporate, but with a more probable long-term updates, are Twitter emojis:

    I am sorry but I do not know what opening a PR means, happy to help if I can!


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