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unintelligible text when exporting PDF with Chinese

Hi Hendrik,

First, I'm very thankful for your great work. Zettlr is now becoming more and more popular in China. I'm a big fan for Zettlr.

While I want to export Pdf, the result paper I got was full of unintelligible text. Even changing the font, the header text is still blocks. I know it is the pandoc and latex problem. But I can't solve it.

Could you give any advice?


  • The problem of glyphs outside the standard ASCII-range is still somewhat of an issue for LaTeX, but I don't know why the heading font doesn't render out nicely. Did you replace both the main font (for the main text body) and the sans-font (which is used for headings)? If that doesn't work, maybe some configuration options are needed that I could simply add to default template.

    If you find anything helpful, please let me know so that I can place it somewhere in the documentation!

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