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Citation Rendering Format Reference file?

Hi, I am looking for a reference file that describes how to format a citation so that it can render with more options.

I need to refer to multiple webpages, and would like the citations that get rendered to have specific information like the title. It feels like a simple problem, but I am quite new at pandoc, and have been going down long rabbit holes.

At 9:30 in this tutorial Citing with Zettlr, it's mentioned that there are many other options to use but I am not finding anywhere that describes how to structure the content between the "[ ]".

I've only been able to find the same example for including page numbers, but I am trying to include titles in the renders.

Thanks for the help!


  • The formatting of the resulting references (not the rendered within Zettlr, these are just a preview, not meant for final purposes!) is determined based on CSL files. You can download any single one from the official repository and use this to export your files: www.zotero.org/styles

  • Thanks @hendrik for the quick reply!
    I guess I'll have to figure out another way to manage renders.

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