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Multi word tags


How can I create multi word tags? If I type #New Tag. Only the new is incorporated into the tag. How do I write so that both words are included in the tag? Thanks!


  • Use the corresponding YAML frontmatter variable for this: https://docs.zettlr.com/en/core/yaml-frontmatter/#variable-keywords

  • Thank you.

    I note that this creates the multiword tags. However if I try to use these outside the YAMP frontmatter, I can type # and then select from the two word tag from the list, but only the first word of the tag is linked. Ctrl clicking on the tag then just searches for the first word. Is there a way to insert both words into the tag?

  • Unfortunately not.

  • With regard to multi-word tags (or in-text keywords), are there any technical obstacles to implementing this facility? I work with "keywords" in hierarchical form: "Word 1", "Word 1 word 2", "Word 1 word 2 word 3". They can be several in the same annotation and would need to appear next to the paragraph to which they refer. This allows me to do more refined search. I also need to differentiate concepts (eg. public sphere, public opinion). I really wouldn't like to have to go back to the old "Zettelkasten", but for Zettlr to be functional for me, multi-word tags in the text would be essential.

  • Yes, there are some technical obstacles, because this would impede the portability of the texts :/ But I mean there's the possibility of YAML-frontmatters so there's no hassle in using that instead. Some improvements to the YAML frontmatter insertion are also possible.

  • My solution is to create only tags with hyphens in place of spaces. I have quite a stack of old (hierarchical) tags with spaces, but in case I need them in the text, I replace spaces with regular signs. And add the one with spaces in YAML. Some trouble, yes, but maintainable and searchable while I do this so rarely. The main repository for tags I keep in Zotero. Of course, if tagged snippets of text ever become individually searcable in Zettlr as in Roam, this won't be an ideal solution.

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