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Any thoughts of asciidoc on the roadmap

very cool to see pandoc and latex here.

asciidoc is a great docbook input format similar but more powerful than markup and standardized. Would be awesome to see support for that



  • Zettlr is and will always be a Markdown editor. You can export to ASCIIdoc, iirc, and from then on go towards docbook.

  • hmmm.. Ok fair enough. I have a bunch of language study material in asciidoc. Is there a recommended markdown destination flavour that might be more favorable for zetlr? github, goldmark etc? thx

  • More favourable for Zettlr? There's none. In the end, as long as it's commonmark compatible (GitHubFlavored should be fairly good!) it's easy. Import your files using Zettlr, as this will use the correct Pandoc-flags to import your files.

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