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Just discoverd Zettlr, great! Here are some little ideas that came up to me

I'm discovering this great software and really nice philosophy behind. Here are few ideas that could maybe improve a little Zettlr.

Enhancement of the working on the structure of the document.

To my experience, writing may be 1/3 of the writing... I spend a same amount of time working on the structure of the document ("this" was 1.2 but now it is 2.4 and "that" was 2.2.3 but finally it will be 3., etc.). I noticed that Zettlr allows the deplacement in the structure of the texte by the ToC window. That great! I think it would be helpful to be able to change as easily the level of header. I know, with markdown, it's only adding or removing a "#" . I think it could be a little, tiny improvement. It's just that, for me, when I'm in the "mode" structural thinking, I'm not in the mode "type writting"

A collaborational way to work both with PC/Laptop and smartphone

It seems to me that both the philosophy and the technology of Joplin and Zettlr are compatible. So maybe there's a way to work in a way that Zettlr could access to the Joplin files (via Dropbox, etc.) or maybe the interoperability of the two via an add-on could be a project in his own? I think there's here something that could be interesting at levels technological and philosophical for a student.

A "checking files name" button

For what I've understood, if I changed the name of a file to what a link point in another file, the name doesn't change. I know that it's the same in a word processor but I wonder if, in a "zettlekesten point of view", it couldn't be helpful to "actualize" those names. In others words, as I read that there is no plan to an android Zettlr, I would say : "fine, there no need for competion, it is an oppurtinity to draw an interface between two nice projects, in a complementary way".

I hope that what is written above will be read as contribution, in no way a criticism.

I don't want to leave without thanking for the great great job in the documentation and in the video.

(sorry for my english...)

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