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A more efficient Zettelkasten?


I would like to be more efficient when zettelkasting. I'm thinking of a specific moment where I'm in a zettel and I want to create a link to a new zettel.

What I have to do at that moment is :
1) Ensure that I'm well in my zettelkasten folder
2) Create a new file
3) Clear the current search filter to see this new file
4) Go to that new file (which is not always obvious to find (because name are very similar)
5) Presse ctrl+L in the new file to generate a zettel ID
6) Select the ID generated
7) Ctrl+C to copy it
8) goes back where I started
9) typing [[
10) Ctrl+V
11) Ensuring that it was well the same (it happened that I didn't press CTRL-C correctly and I pasted a link to another zettel without realising it for days)

Surely, there's a way to make this more efficient. How do you handle this case ? (which seems quite basic for me)


  • Another thing that might be related (as you have guessed, I'm new to zettelkasten) :

    1) I create a note about something I've read. It made me think of subject XXX.
    2) I copy the zettel id of my note
    3) I try to find the XXX zettel
    4) I copy paste the zettel ID in the XXX zettel

    the huge inefficiency here being step 3). Can I just say "XXX" in my note and find it back the day I'm in the XXX zettel ? How do you handle that ?

  • I understand your plight, and as I'm now recreating one for my PhD I'm facing many of those difficulties, so in my head I'm already forming some improvements to the way it works right now. Right now, I'm doing the following:

    1. Create an overview note (a form of outline) from where I create everything and not to lose any note
    2. In there create a Zettelkasten-link and paste a new ID (Ctrl+L) and write the intended note's title afterwards
    3. Follow that new link (make sure to have "automatically create non-existing notes" checked)
    4. Add the intended note's title as a heading level 1 (I'm using the corresponding option so that this overrides the filename in the list view)
    5. Add a backlink back to the outline note

    One thing I'm almost sure is that I'm going to implement some functionality to never start a search on following such a link, only open the note itself, because I'm finding this increasingly annoying. It was one idea I took over from nvALT, but it turns out not to be that productive after all ...

  • Thanks Hendrik for the reply. Very helpful.

    The main take is that I'm not missing much. I agree with you that never starting a search would be really helpful instead of the current behaviour.

    On a site note : 1.8beta4 changed my life with the lower CPU requirement. I'm now able to use Zettlr again on my weak CPU !

  • On a site note : 1.8beta4 changed my life with the lower CPU requirement. I'm now able to use Zettlr again on my weak CPU !

    That's super nice to hear :)

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