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Presentation export difficulties

edited November 2020 in Features

I try to make my first presentation with Zettlr. I have to deal with two problems:

  • generally I can't export with the same template twice, I have to use the black, then the moon, then the Serif
  • if I use bullets list (like here), I have to put some "spaces" before any other content usign # (H1, H2, etc.). Without those "spaces", all the text follows the end of the last item in the bullet list. I've tried to put 3 "-" or 3 "*" but it didn't change anything.
    Would somebody have an idea about how to deal with that?

EDIT : I've manage to force the creation of a new image by inserting : break line and add 3 "_" (not "-").


  • I may have found something: the documentation state ". First, each heading level 1 will begin a new slide and also act as the title of the slide." but the documentation of reveal.js seems to state that a heading level 2 begins a new slide (" ## Slide 1, ## Slide 2, etc.)

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