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"Unexpected end of JSON input"

V1.8.2 on Windows XP machine.

Citation is working but a popup window keeps showing:

The Citation database could not be loaded

Unexpected end of JSON input


  • This is weird; but I am even more curious to know how you managed to install an Electron app on Windows XP, given that Electron only supports Windows 7 or later?

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    Sorry, my fault. It is on a Dell XPS laptop with Windows 10. This has been showing up multiple times.


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    I suffer from the same. Also using Dell, Win 10 Pro 64-bit. Present since 1.8.2. Citating-as-usual in Zettlr it seems, though. Don't know, if this might help.

    File list filter is a great addition - thanks!

    P.S. Following Twitter, but not commenting there. What people just said about negative feedback and statistics is to the point, in my opinion. I'm sure you always consider your feedback very carefully and even self-critically. Having done that one can get involved in a discussion on shared rules and norms and achieve what is possible - but no more. I'm sure the positive energy focusing on your work constantly outweighs the negative. And even among those considering to contribute more the change happens slowly. Wishing you strength both in coding and in being an example in co-creating to many of us. Have a happy time around the turn of the year full of achievements!

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