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Not working on Debian Buster

I installed Zettlr on a Debian Buster box and it is non-functional. Presumably all dependencies were installed via gdebi so my guess is that there is something else interfering.

Basically, the file open dialog seems to be broken for me. If I click on file -> open, I cannot navigate through the menu to click on a file. The mouse is only useful for closing the dialog at the x in the upper right corner. I can use navigation keys to find the folder I wish but no .md files are displayed.

The most obvious candidate for trouble is ibus but that was installed as a zoom dependency so I can't do without it. Other ideas?


  • Just to say that on Debian Buster (10) KDE 64bits version, Zettlr works well for me. I use dpkg -ito install it.

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