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Errors exporting: Temporary files are not created

Hi, I am trying Zettrl for the first time in Linux. I am using Kubuntu 20.10. I installed from the *.deb file and also tried with the appimage. I have pandoc 2.11 installed as well as XeteX. However, any kind of output fails with the message:

File (there is an space here) not found in resource path.

This is the command produced:

An error occurred on export: pandoc "/home/victor/Documents/Zettlr Tutorial/Prueba/export.tmp" -f markdown -t latex --template="/home/victor/Documents/Zettlr Tutorial/Prueba/template.latex" --citeproc --bibliography "" --pdf-engine=xelatex --mathjax -o "/home/victor/Documents/Zettlr Tutorial/Prueba/Primer archivo.pdf"

It seems to the *.tmp file is not being created (I cannot find it). You can see it is using de local directory but the problem is still there using /tmp

(Note: in ubuntu 20.10, the package gvfs-bin is no longer available. I read somewhere Zettrl uses gvfs-copy so I do not know if it has anything to do with it).

Thanks for an interesting prodcuto


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