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Cannot open workspace - system.error.open_root_error

edited January 6 in General

When I try to open a workspace I get:

Opening new root DirectoryName
DirectoryName has been loaded

However, I cannot see any files in the workspace and the left panel says "No directory selected".

Moreover, I cannot open single .md files. When I try to go to my directory, the "open file" window does not show any .md files. (The files are there and they work perfectly fine in Obsidian.)

The "open file" window's drop down menu only allows me to select files with the endings "..markdown;..md;..txt;..rmd". This means that if I add a file with a name ending with a period it does show in the window, and it does open. Still, none of my ordinary .md files are visible for selection.

I'm running 1.84 on Windows 10. I have restarted my computer and reinstalled Zettlr several times.

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