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Bibtex bibliography without any other tool than Zettlr

I found a very interesting post about maintaining a bibliography without using external tool such as Zotero.


I’m planning to try to put it in practice as I never managed to use Zotero on a daily basis myself (basically, doing all full text and then importing in Zotero when needing to generate a true bibtex file).

What do you think about it? What would be, according to you, the glitches of such a method in Zettlr? It is still unclear for me how to link a PDF or epub with a given Markdown note.


  • Well, as you can customize pretty much anything, anything goes. But be aware that if you don't load references using Zettlr's preferences, the autocompletion won't work. However you can use BibTex for that, so you don't need Zotero, and can write those files by hand, if you prefer.

  • Thanks, will investigate this :-)

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