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Custom theme to make Zettlr look Gnome-esque

I wanted to make Zettlr feel a little more uniform with the rest of my default Gnome desktop. I copied bits and pieces of other custom themes here and added some bits.

This is nowhere even close to being complete or perfect. In fact, it's likely full of errors.

After this, although Zettlr doesn't look like exactly like a native Gnome desktop application, it feels closer to the other applications I'm using. I'll post it here in case anyone else wants to use it.

Here's the CSS:


  • Made a few small improvements. I also thought I should mention that this only works for light mode, not in a dark mode. The better css is attached in the text file here.

  • I fixed problems and made some improvements. This custom css theme makes Zettlr appear even more similar to the default, light Adwaita theme in Gnome. Still not identical, but feels closer to native. I can't seem to edit previous posts in this forum so I won't keep posting the file but rather, put a link to download it here in case anyone would be interested in using it.

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