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Lost in the Welcome Tutorial

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Hi All,

Firstly, I am an end-user who is not at ease navigating around the innards of computers!

MacBook 2015 (Catalina)
Zettlr 1.8.5

Installed Homebrew via Terminal (scary place for me!)
Installed pandoc via Homebrew as per tutorial
Everything went just like all the YouTube videos I watched before pressing return!

Attempted install of pandoc-citeproc and received the following message:

Error: pandoc-citeproc has been disabled because it is deprecated upstream!""

Unfortunately, now I am unable to change any directories in Zettlr; likewise, with some difficulty on Mac in Finder etc.
Shutdown and restart sometimes helps, but reverts to not being able to change directories.

I now realise that uninstalling pandoc (and Homebrew) may probably be beyond me!

Not sure what to do.

Regards and thanks in advance,



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    Hi All,

    Still receive the error message when attempting to install pandoc-citeproc with Homebrew
    "Error: pandoc-citeproc has been disabled because it is deprecated upstream!"

    Absolutely no idea what it means.

    Sorted out the changing directories in GUI issue by turning Bluetooth off and back on.
    Apparently the mouse had got itself in a knot and was stuck on right click, i.e. the context menu.

    Moving on in the tutorial and hoping that whatever the issue is it becomes ... obvious ... as to how to fix it?!

    Small steps

  • Hello,

    I have the same issue when trying to install pandoc-citeproc via homebrew:
    "Error: pandoc-citeproc has been disabled because it is deprecated upstream!"

    Can someone help us out?


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    Hi Tom,

    You can ignore the message and continue with the Zettlr Tutorial because pandoc-citeproc is now included in pandoc itself.

    The answer to your question is in Citing with Zettlr.

    Note that from Pandoc version 2.11 on, citeproc comes bundled with Pandoc, so you don't need to install

    I found following Hendrick's YouTube videos in tandem with the Zettlr Docs webpage really, really helpful too.


  • Hi cifreCodex,

    thanks a lot!


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