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Thank you! And some musings.

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Hi Hendrik,

Thank you for a most elegant application and the excellent explanations in the videos below:

Setting up Pandoc and LaTeX for exporting Documents
Citing with Zettlr

As a visual learner, I followed each slavishly while checking against the Zettlr Docs and have now successfully set up Zettlr.
Finally, discovered the answer to the question in my previous post in the Citing with Zettlr Interactive Tutorial after suspecting this might be the case.

Note that from Pandoc version 2.11 on, citeproc comes bundled with Pandoc, so you don't need to install

Initially, I came to Zettlr from Anki just to have a look.
Wow! What a buzz. It's been a steep learning curve from only using Anki, EndNote and Word in Windows to Zettlr, Markdown, Zotero, Homebrew, Terminal, Pandoc and Anki on MacBook. It may take some time to leave the comfort zone!

I now think that Anki is best kept as an adjunct to Zettelkasten entries because one does not need to learn everything in a Zettelkasten; that is, Anki is a downstream activity. Still considering the possibility of a Zettlr Anki field to paste Zettlr IDs. I noticed that you created, as you put it, "a bridge" between Zettlr and Zotero and am wonder if that would be possible with an Anki field as a Zettlr Add-on? Just a thought.
Coding is not my forte despite the moniker!

Now for some more small steps ...



  • Hello Hendrik (& others who contribute in any way they can, including financial support),

    Thank you for this brilliant piece of work. I've spent previous night learning all the features that Zettlr offers & in the end I even managed to do what I nearly found impossible in the last months, and that is making decent-looking PDF export of my rough notes, which will hopefully soon become my very first book.

    I am aware that Zettlr can be used in a variety of ways and that it is not technically intended solely for purpose of book writing, but man, this is an awesome tool that really takes away the hassle that comes with producing the actual texts & then proceeding with making a decent final export out of them. I am now starting to work eagerly on finishing my writing and although I will definitely need some help with tweaking the final result to my visual liking, I am now confident that it can be done rather in matter of hours, not in days or weeks as I thought previously.

    I wish you good luck with rewriting Zettlr's core and please, keep this stunning piece of software alive, I very much count on you as you are the key for me to actually start producing some decent-looking book efforts.

    I will surely become one of your Patrons in the upcoming days when the dust settles, you deserve every penny for making this work as good as it already does. Hopefully your development cycle goes smooth and fast & we can all enjoy even better Zettlr for our work soon enough!

    Thanks a lot once again & keep up the good work!

    • Tom K.
  • Thanks a lot, Tom!

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