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orphan zettels?

Is there a way to see the list of orphan zettels? I mean all the text files which have no inbound links in a zettelkasten.

Being more and more dragged into zettelkasten, I realise that my biggest fear is to badly copy/paste a link (it happened) and make one page orphan. I was able to realise quickly and find my orphan because my zettel is still small but this might not always be the case.


  • Your being-draggedness is unfortunately much quicker than I can implement new Zettelkasten features 👀

  • Well, at least I feel like now I’m really taking Zettlr to the maximum ;-)

    I realize that two features are really useful for a Zettelkasten : a list of orphan pages and a list of broken links.

    I’ve no idea how it could be implemented in Zettlr. That’s why I’m launching the discussion here and not creating an issue. Also, I realise that it’s not a perfect solution are you could miss a complete part of your Zettelkasten that would loop on itself.

    Maybe what I’m looking for is more : "Give me the list of files that cannot be accessed when starting from Zettelkasten.md (which is my main file)".

    Being a zettelkasten beginner, I guess that it’s the sort of things experienced users already thought about.

    (in fact, I created lot of bad links by using CTRL-L to generate ZettelID in files which where already having a Zettelid in their name, not knowing that the file name takes precedence over content. I’m trying to clean the mess).

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