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Zettlr MacTex YouTube Video?

edited January 29 in General

Hi Hendrik,

Would it be possible to make a short 'looking over your shoulder' video of yourself creating and writing a Zettlr file using MacTeX?

For example, walking through something like:

Perhaps including how this then fits into your Zettelkasten.




  • Certainly a good idea – when I have more time. As you might've noted, I've begun rewriting the whole core again for Zettlr 2.0, and this I want to do right in order to avoid further rewrites. But that will take time :/

  • Hi Hendrik,

    Thank you for your reply and I totally understand.
    Personally, I don't know how you do it all!

    For this undergraduate, Arts/Ed student, Zettlr has for the past two weeks been a multi-faceted learning experience.

    Grateful regards,

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