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Difference between $...$ and $$...$$ and the problem of equation centring

In usual LaTeX $...$ is used for writing in-line formulae and $$...$$ is reserved for formulae that reside on a separate line. The latter are normally centred by default. I am not sure I can understand how it works in Zettlr. Take a look at the screen-shot (each line with formula corresponds to the equation below). I would expect the first equation to be centred. Is there a way to make it so? Please give me your advice.


  • Due to the way these are rendered right now, centering isn't possible. But as long as they look right during export, everything should be alright.

    Never forget: Markdown is a source code format, and hence the layout isn't what it will look like on export. The importance is that the way the source looks enables you to write good text!

  • @hendrik Well, the way I see it that would give more natural look and feel for those who use Zettlr to write scientific papers or reports.

    That being said, I can see your point. Since it is centred as expected on export, it is fine. Thank you for your clarification.

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