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Update 1.8.7 should I install Zettlr-1.8.7-arm64 or Zettlr-1.8.7-x64

Zettlr asks us to download and install either Zettlr-1.8.7-arm64 or Zettlr-1.8.7-x64
I currently have Zettlr v 1.8.4 on Mac OS 10.15.7
Sorry if this is a silly question! .... I don't know which Zettlr update to install?


  • If you have an Apple Silicon Mac (also called M1 chips), then ARM64 is the right one for you. If you possess an older Mac (Intel-based), then x64 is the right file to download.

    Easy to remember: M1 chips are based on the ARM64 architecture, ARM64 is just the correct, technical non-marketing term for that.

  • thanks Hendrik, that's great!

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