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Installing/upgrading zettlr package via choco

Hi all and developers,
First, thanks so much for this software, I think it has great potential.
I've installed Zettlr (on Windows 10 Pro) using choco because I thought it'd be easier to upgrade as I love Linux and its package management systems. However, I think my package (Zettlr on Windows) is still 1.8.5 while the latest is 1.8.7. Despite choco is mentioned on Download/win32 page, is it a not-so-recommended (or discouraged) option? Or is it often the case that Zettlr package on choco will be old? Would many suggest going back to the traditional .exe installer?


  • The chocolatey repository is not being managed by me, so I have no influence over what version they ship. The "really" recommended way is always the download on our homepage, but the other methods are listed there for completeness and because some people prefer those. I would recommend you get in contact with the chocolatey-maintainer and ask them to update :)

  • Thanks, and nice to know the "really" recommended way ;)
    Also, I was about to self-follow up on choco package. While the current zettlr version on choco is 1.8.5, you can install 1.8.7 (the latest as of now) as a prerelease:
    1.8.5: choco install zettlr
    1.8.7: choco install zettlr --pre

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