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Missing notes

edited February 22 in General

I opened zettlr and about 1/2 my notes are missing. I had renamed them from the template (date/time autofill) after creating them. I have an index of each of my notes, and so now when I click on my made link (2 square brackets) the notes have vanished.

I wouldn't be surprised if they are still existing somewhere on my system, but considering I've done nothing new, I'm not sure where to begin sussing this out.

I'm on a linux mint machine 18.3
zettlr is version 1.8.3

You can see in my index 2 examples. I had already changed the name of these two linked notes. They have reverted back to the date/time stamp template style.

example of index

When I click on them, they go nowhere.

So, I know these notes had content. But they have apparently vanished.


  • They are definitely still on your computer, as Zettlr doesn't delete anything by accident. However, you're not using the most recent version, so it might be that this was a bug that has already been fixed.

  • thank you @hendrik ...I think you are right, of course. I could see the notes in my system (using terminal ls) but have not yet updated the last few versions so at least I know that the files are there. Cheers

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