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Is it possible to deactivate the global search function upon redirecting by link?

When user clicks an internal link the global searching by the link's text is triggered. The link's text is normally either the linked file ID or its name. Let's concentrate on the ID option (as far as I understand this internal linking is the raison d'être for the concept of ID, otherwise, what is the point of having IDs at all?). So, one has clicked the link and has been successfully redirected to the right page. The ID on the page is highlighted (and so it should be, because it is in the global search field). But what is the logic behind this? The moment user has got to the linked page this highlighting becomes a distraction. Now, let's say, one has read the linked note and returns to the previous page with the clicked link. The link text (ID) is highlighted, too (again, because it fits the global search criteria). Logically, it does not make sense at all, for one has already checked the linked note.

It means that after every link clicking one has to remove text from the global search field manually in order to get rid of highlighting, which (let me say it again) has become unneeded, as soon as one lands in the linked page. That requires an extra click. Can this be remedied some how (or, possibly, my logic is flawed in this case, but I don't see where)?

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