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Caption of images


at first: Thank you for this great app! As a newbie to Zettlr and Markdown I experimented a bit and I wanted to set a caption of an image. Unfortunately I didn't understand the rather general description of captions for links and images in the documentation, so I had to search further until I found out, that setting a caption is really easy!

Maybe it would be possible to add a few words about captions of images in the documentation and maybe the Zettlr-icon in the Tutorial file could be input as ![Icon of Zettlr](./zettlr.png), so that newbies like me get a quick example right in the beginning.
I also noticed, that I had to add lang: "de-DE" in the header to get the caption label in my language, so maybe it would be possible to also add this information in the Tutorial, so that it will work out of the box :-)



  • Thank you for posting this. I like yourself am in the infant stages of the Zettel Method, as well as Markdown. Learning 2 different things at once...ohhhh, make that 3. I am also trying to familiarize myself with the Zellr app as well.

    Good luck in your ventures.

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