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Include LaTeX preamble in pandoc header file

I'm investigating zettlr as an alternative to Ulysses for writing my PhD thesis. Using Ulysses I used a shell script to use pandoc to convert the Markdown to PDF, but could use

pandoc -H /path/to/preamble.tex ...

to include additional LaTeX packages and commands.

I've tried editing the Advanced Pandoc command to do the same, but get an error despite trying several things (enclosing the file in quotes, using the full option instead of -H, etc).

Is this possible, or do I need to create my own LaTeX template?




  • Yeah, the advanced Pandoc command is not really fit for that task. I'd recommend you wait for 2.0, where we'll be integrating a very sophisticated exporter engine with a lot of options, which will also enable you to feed shell scripts directly into Zettlr.

  • Okay, thanks hendrik. I really like Zettlr, but I think for my requirements (writing scientific papers using LaTeX templates) it's not quite there yet. Watching with interest!

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