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Multiple Windows

I hope you please forgive me if this has been discussed before. I did many searches within the forum and perhaps my search criteria was not the best for finding my question.

I know you can have many tabs open at once. I was wondering if there is a way to view them all at once, or move them into their own windows, so to speak.

My use case scenario would be:

  • Working on file Final Test
  • Need to view files
    • Test 1
    • Test 2
    • Test 3

Rather than constantly switching between notes to work on the main note, I would like to be able to view them all simultaneously. I am sure the problem lies in my ignorance of the software and there is something simple I am missing. I also know there could be workarounds, such as the notes needed for viewing together, opening in other software that easily shows multiple windows.

Any help would be great,


  • No, it's not your ignorance – Zettlr right now only enables you to edit one single file. I'm working on split windows, but that will take time. To view multiple notes at once, open those you don't need to edit in Quicklook windows, that is, right click the files or ALT-click them.

  • That is good to know, something I never thought of and it sounds like a good work around. I will try that when I am able to get to my Mac.

    Thanks @hendrik

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