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Zettlr scrolls to top of document whenever autosaving changes


New to this forum and somewhat new to Zettlr.

Since using Zettlr 1.8.7 (on Windows 10), I notice a behaviour I hadn't previously noticed:
Whenever Zettlr autosaves changes, it scrolls to the very top of the document, taking the passage I am typing out of view if the document is long enough.
It does scroll back down as soon as I start typing again, but since ideas for a next sentence often come when one overlooks what one last wrote, it is annoying to constantly have the most current passage be taken out of view.

Anyone else experiencing this? An issue to add to GitHub? Or something that can be prevented by adjusting some setting?

I wouldn't want to leave my first message here without thanking Hendrik for this fantastic editor! Many, many thanks!



  • I think that'll be automatically resolved with Zettlr 2.0, so keep an eye out for the betas to see what's going on!

  • Thank you, Hendrik!

  • Oh, and just to add: this problem does not occur in typewriter mode. So using that has basically solved the issue for me.

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