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Getting in-text citations to include title

Hello there,

I'm pretty new to Zettlr and just finding my way around. One issue I have not been able to solve by scouring through various fora is the following:

On certain notes, I specifically gather relevant references that I want to look at later. I include them via the pandoc [@citekey], which renders as (Author Date).
That on its own is often pretty unhelpful, because they are often references by the same author, so I end up with something like

(Philip 2018)
(Philip 2019)
(Philip 2017)

To then understand what these items actually are, I need to manually write out the titles or a short version next to the rendered citekey, which is cumbersome:

(Philip 2018) Employment Programme
(Philip 2019) Job Guarantee
(Philip 2017) Working Paper

What I would prefer is something that renders like:

(Philip, Employment Programme. 2018)
(Philip, Job Guarantee. 2019)
(Philip, Working Paper. 2017)

OR that automates the handwritten titles (example 2)

It strikes me that there should be a way to get Zettlr to render citations similarly to the way it renders internal links, i.e. where the title of a note is appended to the ID as text: [[202103211312]] Employment Guarantee. Not least because it shows these three pieces of information (author, title, date) in the pop-up selection that appears after pressing the @ key.

I know that I can see the full reference in the Sidebar, but that's not what I want. I would much prefer to have more information in the text on what I reference.

Thank you!


  • The citations are just meant as in-text citations, but in theory we could use a different CSL-style internally. If you can find one that works in-text (no footnotes) and still includes the title, feel free to open an issue so we can add a switch where you can determine which style to use.

  • Thank you!

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