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how to install development version?

I really want to try out the version 2 Zettlr, but I'm technically challenged (not up on github stuff). Is there a step by step process of how to do that (on Linux)? I attempted it, did a git clone of the link, but wasn't sure where to go after that.

Any hints, or should I just wait for the official 2.0 version


  • So you're on Linux. First make sure to have nodeJS (at least version 14) and Yarn installed according to their corresponding instructions.

    Then, navigate into wherever you have cloned the repository and run yarn install --frozen-lockfile from the terminal. Then, run yarn reveal:build once, and then it should suffice to run yarn start to run the development version. Whenever you want to retrieve new changes, run git pull in the cloned directory from time to time.

  • Thank you - that worked :)

  • @hendrik , could you give some step-by-step advice of running development version on Windows OS? Is that same as Linux?

  • edited May 2021

    @Sudi No, it's not the same. On Windows, this'll work:

    1. Install NodeJS using their installer
    2. Install Yarn according to the descriptions on their website
    3. Install Git using their installer
    4. Open the Git Bash application
    5. Navigate to wherever you want the code to be on your computer
    6. Execute git clone
    7. Execute cd Zettlr
    8. Execute yarn install --frozen-lockfile – if that doesn't work, use the Windows Command Line Application to run this command (remember to go into the Zettlr directory again)
    9. Execute yarn reveal:build
    10. Execute yarn start in order to start the application and use it.

    If you want to install the app to use it regularly without the command line:

    1. Execute yarn release:win32-x64
    2. Go into the Zettlr directory, open the "releases" folder and run the installer that's in there.

    To download any updates to the source code if there are any, in the directory execute git pull and then re-run yarn start or the release-command.

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