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links to local files

Hi everyone,

I am trying to learn Zettlr (and markdown, too) and I struggle with links to local files. I face problems if the path include german "Umlaute" or even spaces.

In the all the examples below the respective md-File is saved in the folder E:\C\01_Notes and both linked pdf-files are saved in a subfolder E:\C\01_Notes\Folder_ä. I am using Win 10.

A) Example with Umlauten in the name of the folder and with spaces and Umlauten in the name of the pdf file.
1) [Test_file ä.pdf](Folder_ä\Test_file ä.pdf)

2) [Test_file ä.pdf](E:\C\01_Notes\Folder_ä\Test_file ä.pdf)

3) Test_file ä.pdf

B) Example with Umlauten in the name of the folder and the pdf file.

1) Test_file_ä.pdf

2) Test_file_ä.pdf

3) Test_file_ä.pdf

All these links are working using Typora, none of these links work in Zettlr. What is the reason for this?

Many thanks for any help


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