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Faulty rendering on running yarn start

Hello @hendrik
I would like to contribute to the Zettlr development and would be primarily developing on Linux.

I have cloned the repository and ran yarn install in root folder and then in source folder. Strangely when i run yarn start or yarn test-gui I get a faulty GUI which is not same as running a Zettlr app image. Is this a expected behavior?

Below are the configuration of the PC
Distro: Manjaro Linux
Kernel: 5.10.34-1-MANJARO x86_64
Desktop: Xfce 4.16.0
tk: Gtk 3.24.2
model: Intel Core i5-3210M
Node v16.0.0
npm 7.12.0


  • Yes, this is expected, since there are no Linux styles, because I can't get my VM to run locally. So, I'm really happy that you would like to contribute and if you would like to, you can implement Linux styles according to the Gnome Human Interface Guidelines! Do you feel up to the task? That would be awesome.

  • Yes I would like to, but in long run, maybe down the lane after few months.

    I am pretty new to JS and GUI development.

    I will start with something fairly small. I will take it up once I feel I am ready!

    Thanks a lot for being such a strong supporter of OSS

  • I am pretty new to JS and GUI development.

    I'm also not that good; but luckily those styles is basically just CSS – the .vue-files in the source code contain the CSS and there's just the key body.linux missing. But yeah, no rush and no stress!

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