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Custom TeX Template and Projects


It seems that, when there is a custom TeX template set in the general PDF preferences setting, it's not possible to specify another one in a project setting (it's possible to set one, but it don't works, the general one's seems override it).

Is there a solution ?

Best regards


  • Beyond my ken.

  • 2.0 will allow you to be very specific with what templates you put where, since we've basically unlocked the defaults support in Zettlr.

  • Hello,

    And... when this 2.0 version will be released ?

    Best regards,

  • I do not know. I plan to go into beta some time in August, but I cannot give an ETA.

  • OK,
    Thanks !

  • Hello,

    I'm testing version 2.0.0 beta3, and don't find where to specify which custom template to use ...

    Any idea for me ?

    Best regards,

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