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Citations don't work when exported

Hello! I just started up on Zettlr to try it out. I've come across an issue where the references I imported from Zotero work great in Zettlr itself, but when I export to a pdf or a Word doc, it just lists the Citekey at the beginning of the doc, with a question mark and wrapped in brackets (see screenshots). Any idea why this is happening and what I can do about it?



  • Mhh … have you exported it using CSL-JSON or BibTex? And then, if you open the logs, are there any indications that Pandoc wasn't happy about the library? (Logs: Activate "debug" in the Advanced Preferences and then in the newly appearing Develop-menu click "Open Logs". You have to export something before anything might turn up!)

  • I'm using CSL JSON

    Thanks so much for your other comment. Having followed your instructions, I see the following errors it encountered but I'm not sure how to interpret it:

  • Ouh, your citation database is not even part of the pandoc command, so it doesn't find the citations. Try to reset that command by going into the preferences -> Advanced -> reset Pandoc command. That should fix this. If not, feel free to come back to me!

  • Yess, works now! Thanks so much Henrik!

  • I've just uploaded my custom citation style (one which works meets the academic requirements of the Society for Biblical Literature [SBL]), and boy do I now love this programme. I think I may already be a convert. Zettlr rocks!

  • hey, can I just add another problem I encountered: I had no issues exporting to word, but then could not alter the citations in word anymore - is that how its supposed to work? In my workflow case, I had to re-create all (!) citations manually in word :(

    or am I (hopefully) missing something?

    (using json)

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