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Export to pdf freezes Zettlr for a couple of minutes and other lock ups

I am running Zettlr on Linux. For the most part it works fine. Sometimes when I launch it takes a while before it can be used but today I noticed a consistent problem that really puts a buzz kill on using it. Every time I export to pdf Zettlr locks up for about 2 minutes.

So this reminded me of another issue. Every time I try to delete I get the, "Do you really want to delete..." message but Zettlr is frozen for a while before I can select OK.

On the hang up at start I thought it might be that I was using an AppImage so I installed the Debian package. Start up is faster but the other two problem remain unchanged.


  • To your first problem: This might be due to a weaker CPU that allocates more compute time to the XeLaTeX process running in the background, although that might even point to a deeper problem. A quick look at the logs after such a freeze up might give some hints.

    The second problem is something we're currently investigating heavily on the issue tracker. In short: It appears there is some underlying bug in the Electron framework making dialogs unresponsive if the window from which the dialog was originally called awaits user interaction while the dialog is modal on that same window. We're close to a solution in that regard (but don't let me promise too much …).

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