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Export pdf with words in classical Greek, or arabic, hebrew...



שָׁלוֹם (shalom)

سلام‎ (salām)

how to do it?


  • 34VLC,

    This should give you enough to get pointed in the right direction, based on what worked for me. In your markdown document you can write the text this way (one for latex to pdf and the other for html):


    You will need to make sure you have the appropriate fonts installed. In my example for sanskrit and greek, I used Shobhika and GFS Artemisia.

    You will need to have the latex packages fontspec and polyglossia installed.

    Finally you will need to edit your tex template or create a custom tex template. I renamed and edited the zettlr export.tex template found here and then pointed to it in Zettlr's pdf preferences:


    Finally, these were the edits I made to the export.tex template, which I put just before the \begin{document} statement:

    \setotherlanguages{sanskrit, greek} %% or other languages
    \newfontfamily\greekfont{GFS Artemisia}

    Hope this helps you in your journey,

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    Thank You Mat.

    What am I not doing right?





    Сельское общество

    Hebrew and Arabic do not work

    You can see my .tex

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