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Tex templates

I'm new to tex templates. Tried a few with Zettlr, none worked throwing some errors. I'm pretty sure I'm missing something… Any ideas …I'm on Linux


  • One step to begin with is to make sure the templates you're searching for are compatible with Pandoc, because Pandoc will take care of exporting a Markdown document to PDF.

    Some parts where you could begin searching are here:

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    I've tried some of these templates. I cannot make it work, clearly, the problem is mainly with Pandoc. At least that's what the error message says :D. I don't really understand what I'm doing wrong. It's probably the export script. Though, I know that my moderate "techsavvyness" is not helping. That being said, It confuses me to find the information kind of spread over the documentation of pandoc, latex and zettlr. Also, I don't really need to make it work cause zettlr is pretty awesome as it is, but it will be nice to make pretty pdfs.

    Therefore, in my situation, it'd be helpful to follow some sort of tutorial. If the community has one that they recommend I'd be grateful. Plus, if i manage to make it work, i'd be happy to contribute making a video tutorial for non techy people :). no pressure, no rush :)

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