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Two problems I have with Zettlr

edited July 2021 in General

I am using Zettlr 1.8.9.

First, The "Find in file" button does not work when you click it, but Ctrl+F opens it...

Second, Display equations are not placed in the centre, for instance, the code:

M = \begin{bmatrix}
       \frac{5}{6} & \frac{1}{6} & 0           \\[0.3em]
       \frac{5}{6} & 0           & \frac{1}{6} \\[0.3em]
       0           & \frac{5}{6} & \frac{1}{6}

Places the matrix to the left of the page:

But the matrix should be placed in the centre, since it is a display equation....any fixes ?


  • There won't be any more bug fixes for 1.8.9 since we're close to 2.0.0, with regard to the display equations: There's a PR but that will take a few more weeks. It will be exported correctly, so this is just a minor cosmetic issue.

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