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Problem exporting to PDF

I installed Zettlr and Pandoc. I had already installed LaTeX in my system.

When I try to export a document into PDF, I get the error you can see in the image attached.

This is my setting:

  • Windows 10.
  • Zettlr 1.8.9.
  • Pandoc 2.14.1.
  • MixTeX 2.9 (all packages recently updated).

All of them were installed for 'all users in the computer'.

Exporting to TeX and then compiling the .tex file to PDF does work!

So, this is frustrating, since I am evaluating the possibility of using Zettlr as my main note-taking app, including the possibility of writing short academic documents (which I would like to share as PDF files).

Could you please help me?



  • It could very well be the default Template for Zettlr 1.8.9; I recommend the Zettlr 2.0 beta, since that one uses the much more stable Pandoc default template (+ gives better options for customizing that).

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