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Putting citations as links to Zotero attachments

edited August 2021 in Zettelkasten

Hello everyone,

Is it possible to make zettlr attach zotero citations in the text of the notes as links to zotero attachment files, like:
[author year] (zotero://open-pdf/library/items/) or atleast along side it like:

(author year) [somename] (zotero://open-pdf/library/items/).

As of now I am openning an attachment in Zotero, add a comment to the first page of the document, than "extract annotations" with Zotfile, and copy link from the note generated in Zotfile to Zettlr.

I would be very appreciate if there were a possibility to make this process automatic.


  • For whoever can be interested:

    To open a linked attachment right click on the citation in Zettlr, at the bottom of the pop up context menu hover over "Open attachment" and left click of the attachment. For me it opened a file saved in zotero.

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