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Outlining in Zettlr

Hello! I'm relatively new to Zettlr and using it alongside Obsidian. I'm wondering how best to outline my academic papers in Zettlr:

  • I know that there's a 'Show TOC' button at the top which allows me to drag and drop headings to rearrange. Great! Can I move this to the sidebar so I can keep using it without cramping my main text screen? The TOC sidebar by default doesn't allow drap and drop re-outlining, only clicking to navigate to other sections.
  • Is it possible to slightly advance the 'Show TOC' button to be more like this video so that the moved section/heading can be changed to a different heading level? Currently if it's a ### Heading there's no way to drop in the structure to make it a # or ## or #### heading. The functionality I have in mind is how it happens in Scrivener:


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