Welcome to the new Zettlr Discussion forum! It's still a bit empty, but hopefully with your support it won't stay this way! Please register and start discussions!

We have three categories (as of now): ZETTELKASTEN for discussions circling around Zettlr's implementation of Zettelkasten systems, FEATURES for discussions around the functionality of the app (including discussions on how to improve them) and GENERAL for everything else.

Think we need a new category? Just message us!


Hello everybody!

I'm pleased to see you all here. These forums are a new attempt at giving discussions around Zettlr a new home. The big problem with the approach so far has been:

  • Reddit has a stub-character; that is long messages are difficult to compose, and due to the infinite comment chains it can become cluttered fast.
  • GitHub is only for the really code-focused discussions, so nothing really that pertains to a meta layer such as this issue or this. They don't seem to fit well into the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Twitter is … well, it's Twitter.

So with this forum, I hope that more people — especially otherwise passive end users who only use Zettlr, but don't know anything about the code behind the app — will engage in meaningful discussions! Let's make this happen :)



P.S.: I don't think we need special forum rules, as long as we remember to be human to each other 😉

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