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Hello everybody!

I'm pleased to see you all here. These forums are a new attempt at giving discussions around Zettlr a new home. The big problem with the approach so far has been:

  • Reddit has a stub-character; that is long messages are difficult to compose, and due to the infinite comment chains it can become cluttered fast.
  • GitHub is only for the really code-focused discussions, so nothing really that pertains to a meta layer such as this issue or this. They don't seem to fit well into the GitHub issue tracker.
  • Twitter is … well, it's Twitter.

So with this forum, I hope that more people — especially otherwise passive end users who only use Zettlr, but don't know anything about the code behind the app — will engage in meaningful discussions! Let's make this happen :)



P.S.: I don't think we need special forum rules, as long as we remember to be human to each other 😉

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