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Table Editor

Hi at all,

first of all, I find the table editor really nice! It makes the awkward handling of actual table markdown code so much more easy. Nice job!

I have one mildly annoying problem with it. While the right arrow key (->) functions properly, the left one (<-) triggers the previous cell (like shift+tab does). Is this a general behavior for all of you or is this a problem of my installation? Nevertheless it makes navigating in filled tables a little bit frustrating. :sweat_smile:

Thanks in advance!


  • Hmm… the idea would be to switch to the newly generated row/column, but maybe I messed up the numbers :D I'll have a look!

  • Hey, thanks for that.
    Actually, I'm talking about the cursor navigation within a single cell. It's somewhat hard to describe for me in English. :smiley:
    An right arrow key event shifts the cursor one letter to the right (as it should, perfect), but an left arrow key event shifts the cursor to the prior cell (and not just one letter to the left). That's the bug I found. :)

  • Ah alright, I'll investigate! Facilitating navigation is pretty hard due to it being a contenteditable cell :D

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